It’s time for a change…

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blogs and social media posts about “Raising Wilder Kids” - sharing ideas and inspiration for getting kids and families outside and active in nature.

It all  started back in 2017, as part of my Digital Mums Social Media course, and it’s been lots of fun! We’ve had lots of adventures and learned about lots of new things to do - as well as learning all about managing social media.


Exciting times ahead…

As 2019 begins, my social media business is up and running. It has a new name and a new website. So now seems like a good moment to rebrand my social media platforms too.

Now seems like a good moment to rebrand my social media platforms, too.

So, if you are following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll see my new name “A Social Nature” and my lovely new logo!


I’ll still be talking about why I love to get outside, and sharing things to do and places to go. I’ll also be sharing my journey in my work – the things that have inspired me and discoveries I’ve made, as well as tips for getting you noticed on social media.

I hope you will join me!


If you would like to more about how I can help you with social media, get in touch here. I would love to hear from you! 


P.S. My lovely logo was designed by Stacey Ward - contact Stacey on LinkedIn.