Five Things I Love About My Work...


Social media is still quite a new area of work. When I tell people what I do, I occasionally get this reaction: “What? That’s a job?”

So I thought I would write about my work, and more importantly, what I love about it!

1.     Variety

I work with several different clients who all have very different businesses. No two days are the same, in fact, no two hours are the same!  Switching between work for different clients keeps me on my toes.


2.     Meeting my clients

I am naturally curious and I love finding out about my clients – learning about their customers and their services, and turning all that learning into a social media strategy that works for them.


3.     Writing

I’ve always loved writing, and words, and there’s a lot of that in this job!  When I’m writing social media posts for my clients, I’m trying to use the right tone that matches their business and that will appeal to their customers, as well as keeping the posts interesting, and short!


For some of my clients I also write blogs for their websites. This gives me the chance to explore a topic in more depth, because I have more space to write about it.  Blogs are a great for showing your customers “behind the scenes” of your business, or giving them useful tips on how to use your product. And blogs are really shareable on social media platforms too.

4. Creating  

As well as writing, I love taking photos and creating graphics to use on social media.Using images that are in line with my clients’ branding are an eye-catching addition to a feed – great for quotes, or customer testimonials.


5.     Results

I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to numbers!  I collect data for all my clients to see what’s working, and what we need to change.  I’ll be looking at which types of content get the best engagement, or which posts lead to the most clicks through to the client’s website, for example It’s all about testing, and learning from the results, to get the most from my clients’ social media budget. . And of course, it’s really satisfying to see when content does well!

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