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Social Media Tips: Post with Purpose

What you you want your social posts to achieve for you?

When you are busy running a business, it’s easy to feel as though social media is just ANOTHER THING for you to fit into your day.

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you suddenly remember, with a sinking feeling, that you haven’t posted anything today - and you promised yourself you would.

So you sit there, scrolling through your photos, racking your brains for something - anything - to post.

Sound familiar?

Having a bit of a plan for your social content can really take the pressure off. Instead of feeling like a burden, your posts can start working for you.

So, what do you want to share with your customers, and potential customers? What do you want them to know about your business?

Behind the Scenes

People love to get an insider view - we all pretty nosy, after all! So, posts about your working day, your team members, your workplace, are likely to go down well with your audience. Take photos throughout the day. Try giving the to different team member each day, to get a new perspective on the life of your business.



Have you got a new product you want to promote? Is your business changing in an exciting way? Share the inspiration behind these developments.

  • Where did the idea for the product come from?

  • How did it evolve?

  • Why is your business changing and what will it mean for your customers?

Sharing these stories helps people to feel involved in your business.



Why not use your social posts to get ideas and opinions from your followers. People like be asked, and are more likely to feel they have a stake in your product if they feel they’ve been part of the process. It’s easy to create a poll, or just ask a question, and get feedback that can be really valuable to your business.

A bit about you

People love to get to know the person behind a brand or business - it helps to build a sense of connection and engagement. So think about sharing:

  • Why did you set up the business?

  • What did you do before?

  • What inspired the values of your business?

  • Your passions and interests

  • A bit about your daily life

  • You!

You might feel a little awkward about sharing photos of yourself, but people really like to see the face behind the business.

If you really don’t like having your photo taken, (and you’re not alone!) why not think about having a photo shoot with a branding photographer? You’ll get a whole set of great, professional photos which will provide you with content for many months.

Otherwise, a selfie will be fine!


Do More of What Works

By posting different types of content, you will be able to see what resonates with your target and audience.

  • Do you get more comments on posts where you ask a question?

  • Do your followers love to see behind the scenes?

  • Do shots of products do better when they shown being used in a real setting?

  • Do staged, aspirational shots perform best?

Once you can see which type of post gets the most engagement, you can plan to include more.

Post with a Plan

If you are clear about what you want your social media posts to do for your business, you will feel more confident about your content and more importantly, you will start to see results!

If you would like more help planning your social media content, with personalised tips for your business, get in touch!