I offer a range of options to suit you.



I will meet with you to discuss your business goals and the role social media can play in helping you to achieve them.  I will produce a written strategy, based on your existing platforms, or new platforms as necessary. This can include:

  • A health check on your existing social media channels.

  • User personas – profiles of your target audience to help you to focus your messages

  • An audit of your key competitors’ social media platforms

  • Suggested plan for content to share with your audience

  • A list of potential influencers to follow and engage with

  • An example posting schedule

  • Metrics to measure your progress.


Social Media set-up and management

Day to day management of your social platforms. This can include:

  • Setting up your platforms

  • Finding content to share on your platforms which will add value and interest to your audience

  • Advising on your own content (e.g. blog posts, behind the scenes etc)

  • Creating content for you (photos, video, blog posts)

  • Engaging with influencers to get your business noticed

  • Engaging with customers – replying to comments and feeding back useful information to the business.

  • Providing regular updates on progress against agreed targets.


social media advertising

You can still achieve some great results on organic (free) social media. However, social media provides a great opportunity to target advertising, to get the best impact for your budget. I can advise you on the best approach to reach your audience, or design, run and monitor your ads for you.


Booster session

In a one to one, short session I will look at your social media platforms with you. I will give you some great personalised tips on how to improve them, and leave you with an action plan to get started straight away.